Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catching up with the Family

I have been adding a lot of other things to my blog recently and I have neglected talking about my children.
Starting with L, She is back in school and living at home. She decided to stay at home to try to save money but she is missing the social aspect of it. One benifit of living at home, her grades are almost 100% in everything. She is enjoying playing her Clarinet again in the campus band. She left it alone for about 2 years after graduation. She is also experiencing Campus Choir. One of her regrets in High school is not trying out for choir. She has a great alto voice. She decided she wants a job at a ranch or at a national park. She put out applications to a few places. She had a phone interview at a national park that is a few hours away from us. If you know what park that is and are going there this summer contact me and I will let you know where and what she is doing. She would LOVE to have people she knows stop in and say HI! It seems like a pretty good job. She will be working 40 hours a week. She will have meals provided. She will have a cabin to live in. She is really excited.

Now for D she participated in the Distinguished Young Women program (Formerly Jr Miss) She fiddled a number that was written by Natalie MacMaster. The fiddle music was on line and we just printed it off. However we did not have the accompniment. We had a very talented neighbor couple compose and record the music for her. She did a great job. There were 34 girls total. D had a lot of comments about how well she did. She learned a lot through the adventure. She is now getting ready for the Sweetheart Ball. It is kind of awkward that it is a girls choice dance. with the whole "sweetheart" thing it makes the youth think they have to be a couple to go. D did ask a boy that she has been friends with for a long time and she hopes that it takes that pressure off.

On to H. What can I say H is H! He has calmed down a lot from the energetic little boy he use to be. I think he has grown up a lot in the last few years. He is loving choir and feels good about his singing ability. I think he is definatly following in his Dad's footsteps in this area. he also is still doing Ballroom. I think that as an 8th grader he feels a little odd because he likes ballroom and choir and gets teased about both but I keep telling him that in the long run these things will be things that other boys look back on and WISH they could do. I also ask him if being teased makes him want to stop and he just says NO!!! So on we go. He seems to be getting a little better control of his homework and grades. In the past this is a huge contention in our lives. However this semester, he is getting a B average.

Now for Sabot, He is showing his age. We are all sad that our little puppy is getting old. He has a haze over his eyes and sometimes when he drops food he knows it is there but he cannot see it. I think he also has arthritis in his legs. Once in a while he limps and he also does not like climbing the stairs in the front of our house. He is okay climbing the inside stairs. I think the outside stairs are just a little steeper than the inside stairs. It will be a very very sad day when he is no longer a part of our little family.

Dad, there are changes that may be coming but it is too early to anounce them yet.

Mom, same ol' same ol' taxi driver, maid, laundry mat operator, and head chef!